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swingING TUC Jazz Combo

The swingING TUC Jazz Combo plays with a variable line-up of 6-10 musicians. The repertoire consists of blues and swing tunes, but sometimes pop or rock pieces are also presented. The Jazz Combo rehearses every Friday from 5-6 pm before the Big Band rehearsal. There is no musical director, but all members can bring along suitable pieces of music. These are then tried out and added to the repertoire if they are liked.


Word of the Big Band's existence had already spread in its first year and we received many requests for performances. There was an unfulfilled demand for big band music! However, it was often the case that the band was only asked to play two or three pieces at an event. But that was too much work for the big band, which would have taken two hours just to set up and dismantle the equipment. Other venues were too small to accommodate both the band and the event for which the big band was requested. So the idea was born to meet with a small group one hour before the big band rehearsal and to play jazz in a combo line-up. As it was not always possible for the same line-up to meet, music titles were procured that could also be played in changing line-ups. The swingING TUC Combo had its first performance on 19.10.2018 at the TUC Start Fair.

(Wind instruments) New Year's reception 2019