Sponsors and promoters

Directly promoting the big band

The non-profit association Big Band an der TU Clausthal e.V. aims to emphasize the modern character of the region. On concert tours, we showcase an innovative Harz region with cultural diversity that is worth living and working in.

Perhaps you too will soon benefit from the big band or your jazz combo when they play at your events? Or maybe your company will give us flyers to hand out on our concert tour?

Your donation, for which you will of course receive a donation receipt, is tax-deductible. Of course, we are also happy to name you as a supporter on our website and link to your company there. The first and second chairmen of our association, Bernd Weidenfeller and Gunther Brenner, will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Big Band and your financial commitment.

You alone determine the minimum contribution as a supporting member! You can find a membership application form here. Of course, we also welcome one-off donations and donations of instruments in kind.

Bank details

Volksbank im Harz eG  
IBAN: DE23 2689 1484 1001 5590 00