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Rental instruments

No instrument? We'll lend you one!

Would you like to play with us, but don't have an instrument in Clausthal? You can't bring an instrument from home?

We have instruments on loan:

  1. Trumpet Yamaha YTR 3335 (free)
  2. Trumpet Yamaha YTR 3335 (free)
  3. Bass trombone Yamaha YBL421G with mute (on loan)
  4. Electric guitar Fender Affinity Squire Strat with amplifier and accessories (on loan)
  5. Electric guitar amplifier (Marshall JVM 215C)
  6. Electric guitar Gretsch G6118T Anniversary TTSG Players Edition
  7. Bass guitar amplifier (Glockenklang Blue Sky and Glockenklang Quattro)
  8. Bass guitar Marleaux M-Bass
  9. 1 Jupiter JFH1100R flugelhorn (lent)
  10. 1 flugelhorn Jupiter JFH1100R (lent)
  11. eDrum Set Roland TD-117KVX (on loan)
  12. Baritone saxophone Jupiter JBS 1000 (on loan)
  13. Tenor saxophone Yamaha YTS-480
  14. Alto saxophone Yamaha YAS-480
  15. Trombone YSL-448 GE II
  16. Drumset Millenium
  17. Drumset Tama
  18. Instrument microphones
  19. Vocal microphones
  20. Stage piano MP7SE
  21. Mixing console Yamaha MG16XU
  22. 2 x LD Systems MAUI 28 G2 (bass reflex subwoofer + tweeters)
  23. 2 x HK Audio Linear 5 L Subwoofer 1200 A + 2 x HK Audio Linear 5 L 112Fa
  24. 5 x monitor speakers the box MA100

Your instrument is not included? Then we still have a solution for you!
We buy an instrument and you can borrow it from us for a small fee. When you leave Clausthal and the Big Band, you simply return the instrument to us.

If you want to keep your instrument, that is also possible! You buy it from us. We will offset your rental fee in full against the purchase price and you only have to pay the price we paid for your instrument.

Do you have any questions? Just get in touch with us!