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Rehearsal dates, performances and workshops

On this page you will find all information


25./26.11.2023Robert Koch School ClausthalImprovisation course
08.07.202319:00Aula AcademicaConcert by groovING TUC Big Band and Rock, Pop, Jazz Choir
10.02.202419:00Aula AcademicaConcert by groovING TUC Big Band and rock, pop and jazz choir
11.02.202417:00EFZNConcert by groovING TUC Big Band, Clean, Fine & Funky Big Band and Rock, Pop, Jazz Choir
19.-21.04.202418:00TMA AltgandersheimBig band workshop (not only) for women with Monika Roscher
20.05.202412:00Steinway Park, SeesenSummer party of the Steinway-Park Seesen e.V.
22.06.202419:00Aula AcademicaConcert by groovING TUC Big Band and rock, pop and jazz choir
08.02.202519:00Aula AcademicaConcert by groovING TUC Big Band and Rock, Pop, Jazz Choir


November 25-26, 2023: Improvisation course: Achim Kück (rhythm, band); Claus Löhr (trumpet), Hans Wendt (trombone) and Thomas Zander (saxophone, clarinet, flute)

April 19-21, 2024: Big Band Workshop with Monika Roscher: Mainly for women, but not only for women

Rehearsal dates and locations

Rehearsal dateRehearsal locationConductorTitle
29.09.2023Math InstituteAchim KückNorwegian Wood, Steigerlied, Heartland
06.10.2023Math InstituteDomenicNN
13.10.2023Math InstituteDomenicAfrica, Steiger, Norwegian woods, The Chicken, Heartland
20.10.2023Math InstituteDomenicHeartland, Sir Duke, Silver Rain, Steiger, Norwegian Wood
27.10.2023Robert Koch SchoolComposition samplesall titles
03.11.2023Math InstituteDomenicSilver Rain, Sir Duke,Steiger, Heartland
10.11.2023Math InstituteDomenicall vocal titles
24.11.2023Math InstituteDomenicTitles for improvisation course
25./26.11.2023Robert Koch SchoolAchim Kück et alImprovisation course
01.12.2023Math InstituteDomenicA-Train, Silver Rain, Sir Duke, Norwegian Wood
08.12.2023Robert Koch SchoolSet rehearsalall titles
15.12.2023Math InstituteDomenicNorwegian Wood, Steiger, God Bless, Jungle Juice
22.12.2023Robert Koch SchoolallAfrica, Steiger, Norwegian Wood, The Chicken, Heartland
Christmas party (with or without music)
12.01.2023Robert Koch SchoolSet rehearsalall titles
19.01.2023Math InstituteDomenicTake the A-Train, Silver Rain, Sir Duke, Norwegian Wood
26.01.2023Math InstituteDomenicSteigerlied, God Bless the Child, The Chicken, Africa, Sir Duke
02.02.2023Math InstituteDomenicall vocal tracks
09.02.2023Aula AcademicaDomenic, Andrédress rehearsal
10.02.2023Aula AcademicaDomenic, AndréEnd of semester concert
10.02.2023EFZN GoslarDomenic, AndréEnd of semester concert

Missed appointments

07.08.202320:00Glück Auf HallJazz Combo: International TXRF Conference
18.08.202317:00Parking lot Institute of MathematicsSummer party with JAM session
08.07.202319:00Aula AcademicaEnd-of-semester concert by Big Band and Rock, Pop, Jazz Choir
10.03.202314:30Aula AcademicaJazz Combo Farewell to the President of the TUC
18.04.202314:00Aula AcademicaUNIWIND kick-off event
11.02.202319:00Aula AcademicaConcert by groovING TUC Big Band and Rock, Pop, Jazz Choir
09.11.202220:00Steiger College, ClausthalJazz Combo
04.11.202214:00Glück Auf Hall, ClausthalJazz Combo; annual meeting of the Humboldt Foundation
16.09.202214:00Night of the Proms, ClausthalJazz Combo
03.09.202214:00Drilling Simulator, CelleJazz Combo; Open day
16.07.202219:00Aula Academica, ClausthalEnd-of-semester concert, together with the Rock, Pop & Jazz Choir of TU Clausthal
20.05.202219:00Clausthal Town HallgroovING TUC Big Band concert together with the Big Band of the Lower Saxony police force