About us

Musicians who are working, studying and teaching at Clausthal University are playing in the Big Band. Also enthusiastic musicians and singers from Clausthal and its surroundings are members of the Big Band. Everybody who has fun playing music and who has learned to play an instrument can join the Big Band without an entrance examination.

Several times in the past some students tried to found a band. However, these trials were not successful for various reasons: rehearsal rooms were missing, no literature was available, no conductor was found, instruments were missing and students had no financial support or no experiences in setting up and leading an association.

In 2017 we were successful in founding an orchestra. We could find a conductor and a rehearsal room in the Robert Koch Secondary School (RKS). The music room there is even equipped with a grand-piano, digital piano, keyboard, string bass, drums, percussion, electric bass and electric guitar with amplifiers.

In a meeting of more than twenty motivated musicians on September, 27th, 2017 in the RKS the registered association "Big Band an der TU Clausthal e.V." was founded. We decided to establish an association with a low monthly contribution to enable the financing of all concerns of a Big Band: literature, a conductor, instruments, GEMA, etc.

Because our Big Band is a non-profit organization under German tax law we can issue receipts for donations, and members of our Big Band are able to reduce their income taxes with their financial  monthly contributions to the Big Band.

Already at our foundation day we had our first Big Band rehearsal with a lot of fun. From that day on we meet  every week for rehearsals and monthly for sectionals to be able to present at the end of each semester a concert.

We are always open to new musicians! 






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